Hi, We are BAXagent Coin

1: An opt-in, but incentivised, payment network for BAS Agents and Tax Agents.
2: A coupon (i.e. token) to secure customised benefits and pricing from BAS and Tax service providers.
3: A plain vanilla ERC20 Utility Token that can be traded based on expectations of the payment network's growth.
4: And, over time, the BAXA Network will be much, much more.

Coming Soon...

The Project

BAX Agent Coin is an
incentivised Community Currency
for BAS Agents and Tax Agents
and the accounting industry.

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Buy and Sell BAXA Tokens

Although still in Alpha Stage, you can still Buy & Sell BAXA Tokens at:

UniSwap (DAI/BAXA) and ForkDelta (ETH/BAXA).

As a Custom Token, as yet, you'll find the following info useful for any trading activity:
Contract Address: 0x91B08f4A7C1251dfCcF5440F8894F8DaA10c8De5
Symbol: BAXA
Decimal Places: 18

Hopefully there will be more listings to come, but for now,
Happy Trading!

"All welcome. No need to be an accountant or bookkeeper, just bring a belief in the blockchain revolution (or even just a curiosity!),
and a collegiate mindset towards collaboration for mutual benefits."